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Bedroom 04

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Furnishing a small bedroom is a challenge. You often feel compelled by limited space, especially when you don’t know where to put the closet! But a small bedroom can be well arranged if we know how to follow some of the basic rules, and we know tricks that can “enlarge” the room. Uniformity without monotony. By uniformity or continuity I do not mean only the colors of the walls, but the chromatic scale of the whole room and the furniture. Warm shades are very suitable for rest, but to avoid flattening the surfaces we can combine colors that rise or fall in tone. Neutral shades are best suited because they create spatial continuity and deceive the perception of real space boundaries. The bedroom will no longer be a small and rigid box, but will become a fluid and welcoming environment.

Light is always a valid ally if we want to perceive a larger space than it really is. Therefore, we try to use it correctly in the bedroom. In this environment we do not need much light, although over-lighting a wall will visually expand the surface of the room. A good suggestion is the photo below, in which the lighting was made with spotlights that give a warm light and highlight the wallpaper. The wardrobe with sliding doors and a tanned mirror helps the space to be functional, without preventing passage.

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