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Sofa – details on luxuryinteriors.ro

The garden has always been a jewel that beautifies the house, due to its colors, the scents of flowers and plants. If, long ago, the exterior was more of an added value with a purely ornamental purpose, now that most activities are concentrated in urban contexts, it is no longer the case: the external environment is a space to live fully, a place where you can get in touch with nature and with yourself.

This project is born from the need to get out of everyday life after a hard day spent in the city, where the place spent with family or friends becomes much more pleasant. Arranging a garden does not mean buying a table with 4 chairs and an umbrella, you have to give it its own style, its own imprint, especially through brightly colored decorative objects. The outdoor wallpaper, as well as the electric pergola, have been specially designed to make this terrace a dream place.

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