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Exterior Decor 04

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When you own an apartment in the city, there is no area more popular in warm weather than the terrace. However, when you have a large terrace, the risk is not to make the best use of available space and to leave “dead zones” without function. This is why the correct organization of outdoor spaces is essential to understand how to arrange a large terrace.

In the center of the project is the living and dining area, and the other, discovered and accompanied by an equipped barbecue area. These two areas, perched on a raised wooden platform, are surrounded on two sides of the terrace by two distinct seating areas, with many plants chosen to decorate the space. The chosen floor is made of teak wood, resistant in any season. To extend the use of this space until the spring and autumn months, the Luxury Interiors team also decided to install an elegant outdoor lava stone brazier, which has the dual function of spreading heat in the living room area and to act as an original decorative element.

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