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Kitchen 01

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I get a lot of questions about the color of the kitchen in small spaces, why I don’t always choose white, or how I can better optimize the space. The answer is yes, you can, even using a gray color, it is important to choose the right model, color and light. Suspended bodies must not be completely closed, it is mandatory to have a display case. Spotlights or led perimeter light (with a warm light), give the room a much brighter air, not at all claustrophobic, and yes, even if on both sides of the kitchen we have cabinets, so necessary! The individual heating system, so unsightly in many of the apartments that are being built today, is “hidden” by a specially designed kitchen column. A painting, that is a work of art, completes this elegant space.

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As you can see in the pictures, the composition of this kitchen seems to be “cumbersome”, but not at all, the space is quite generous, the windows full of light and warmth, which gives this environment elegance and order at the same time. Free standing appliances, coffee machine, mini ice machine, food processor, or other small appliances, were included in a specially designed column with sockets on each shelf. If we want to keep a beautiful color of this environment, it is better that they are “hidden” in the column, especially since their need is not daily and their color is not always the same.

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