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Luxury is a concept that
never goes out of style.

Elegant furniture is still the preferred choice by those who do not want to give up style, class and quality. Of course, contemporary luxury has a different connotation than it had in the past. Today a house is not furnished in this way, to show wealth or opulence. In the modern conception, luxury is seen as a discreet search for beauty, refined design, experimentation and creativity, with innovative materials for performance and comfort. Contemporary luxury furniture mixes pop art and vintage, minimalist lines, retro elements and precious materials such as wood and stone, which receive ultra-modern high-tech interpretations. This apartment is the quintessence of the current concept of luxury, which invites you to inspiration.

The sofa and the chandelier are perfectly combined to enhance the luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere due to an innate elegance of the refinement of the shapes and the quality of the finishes. The color of the sofa was specially chosen to set the “tone” of the whole room. The material of the sofa is from the Armani collection, a velvet that is fine to the touch but also resistant to wear.

The painting with “Burlesco” accents sends this environment into a world that is only for you.

Let’s not forget the heart of the house, the kitchen, which can become an expression of special elegance. In the proposal of this apartment, luxury is personified in the black quartz countertop, in the windows of the suspended bodies, which have a mirror as a background, letting the light inside be reflected throughout the room, and the neutral colors of the kitchen and the natural colors of the wood in the living room a perfect combination of refinement.

Choosing a perfect table in this sophisticated setting is more difficult than it seems. When we have such a decoration, the chairs must be chosen in a special chromatic.

The bathroom resumes the style of the kitchen, including in terms of colors. The brightness of the marble floor and walls and the linearity of the shapes of the furniture confirm the style of the house. Choosing to use different colors for bathroom furniture and bathtub is another touch of class that makes the difference.

The master bedroom was designed to define the concept of “an oasis of peace and security in the middle of an urban jungle”. The upholstery of the double bed is made as a braid and is made of fine leather, with metal inserts finished in bronze. The chosen wallpaper gives this room the elegant note it needed.

As this apartment did not have a dressing room, the wardrobe was customized, with a shallower depth in front of the bed so as not to impede passage. The dresser doors are made of MDF with bronze inserts and upholstered in leather. Antique gold chandelier, gives a diffused and warm light.

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