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How to turn a bedroom into a luxury suite?

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so why not make our hours of sleep a five-star experience? Before choosing furniture and decorations, it is essential to have a clear idea of ​​the style you want to give the bedroom – modern, classic, oriental, shabby chic. Once you have found the right style, the next step is to decide on a color scheme. Try to stay in neutral tones and combine them with monochrome textures or contemporary patterns, depending on the mood you want to give the room. For a room that highlights the bed, match the colors not only with the headboard, but also with the shades of the walls, especially if there is wallpaper. Choosing basic neutral colors is the trick to having a room that can be customized throughout the year, which can follow the passing of the seasons or the most important holidays. You can give color through decorative pillows, curtains and other accessories. Lighting a room can seem like child’s play: just put a chandelier, connect it to the electrical system and you’re done. In reality, many underestimate how important adequate lighting can be for daily psycho-physical well-being. Whether it is reading, resting, dressing or cuddling, proper bedroom lighting is always essential, but it may not be the same for all the different functions that take place daily in the room. We all need to rest in the bedroom, but today this room in the house has been transformed from a sleeping space into a multifunctional room where designing the right lighting can be difficult. For reading, use a directional light or a lamp, the central light is not mandatory, and if you have a closet in the room, opt for a light inside it. In this way, the design of the bedroom can change according to tastes or passions in a few steps, without drastic changes.

Sleeping well and having a regular and peaceful sleep is a very important aspect from several points of view. Sleep is a vital need, it protects us from physical and mental exhaustion, and poor sleep not only makes us more tired and less performing, but also emotionally unstable. A fundamental part here has two elements: the mattress and the pillow on which you sleep. Nowadays there are many types of mattresses, which are more and more tempting, as advertising, as an offer, but how do you know what suits you best? We can talk about infinite models and combinations of materials, from natural and semi-synthetic latex to those with springs, anti-mite treated materials, hardness, etc.

A good night’s sleep is also given by the simplest techniques (an airy room, stress relief, optimal temperature) and the bed mattress. Yes, it is true that the bed is also important in terms of choice, model and style from an aesthetic point of view, but the mattress, from my point of view, is vital in the quality of sleep.

Pillows and mattresses

In general, the mattress is chosen according to the needs of each, medical typology, if it exists, body weight, hardness on the lumbar or cervical area. Mattress clothing plays an important role, whether it is covered with natural fiber material or even wool, or we are talking about specially treated synthetic materials, anti-mites, anti-allergic, etc. And we must not forget the exact size of the mattress, and here I mean its length. If a person has a height of 1.80 – 1.85 m, the ideal length of the mattress should be 2.10 – 2.20 m. Remember that part of the length of the mattress is covered by the pillow.

Latex mattresses are not a niche product, it is one of the most fashionable products in the industry. They are, or rather processed with latex foam, a substance that occurs naturally as a resin of a certain type of tree native to South America. Currently, most of the time, this material is obtained in the artificial laboratory and used for mattresses, because it is more resistant than natural latex.

In the field of synthetic mattresses, memory foam has become the most appreciated example by users who have decided to switch to a state-of-the-art product, completely different in many respects from traditional spring mattresses. The emblematic product of most companies on the market, the memory mattress is made of a polyurethane foam that can have different types of density, to provide a greater or lesser degree of rigidity depending on needs or even a simple personal sensitivity . Being a synthetic material it is totally hypoallergenic, so the ideal mattress for sensitive people from this point of view.
Spring mattresses?
The version developed on the market today is called the pocket spring mattress or even the independent spring mattress, in which the springs are separated from each other to ensure better support than traditional spring mattresses, thus having the correct alignment of the spine, head and neck at the base of a good restful sleep.

Not to be overlooked are the mattresses and pillows found in the hotel. How many times have you disliked a hotel that had a special design, a room to your liking, but the mattress left something to be desired? What about the pillow? Often in the design of a hotel, this aspect is left behind, as if it is not so important to invest in the mattress, mattress topper or pillows. I consider it the most important! A quality sleep spent in a hotel room will remind you faster of how well you slept in that hotel and not how beautiful the furniture was.
When choosing the mattress for your home, I invite you to make the right selection, and to invest as much as you think is important for you.

Bed linen

The bed linen, the blanket, the quilt used, are part of everyone’s daily ritual. Cotton sheets are certainly the most popular because they are more durable, cheaper, pleasant to the touch and suitable for any type of season. Cotton, made of natural fibers, absorbs moisture and makes the sheets suitable for contact with the most sensitive skin, allowing them to breathe and sweat naturally and provide excellent comfort during sleep.
Linen is a more refined fabric, suitable for those who prefer a more refined and slightly retro style, reminiscent of grandparents’ suitcase. Due to their ability to absorb moisture, linen sheets are especially suitable in summer, creating a cool and pleasant microclimate for sleep. Flaxseeds are hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antistatic.
Silk sheets are suitable for those looking for a precious and elegant style. Made of natural fibers, they are perfect in any season and suitable for any skin type due to their soft and delicate nature. Silk is certainly a more expensive fabric than the others and requires more attention in washing methods.
No matter what type of mattress, pillow or linen you choose, the bedroom should be the place where you find yourself, where you recharge your batteries after a tiring day. In the bedroom, it would be ideal for the TV not to have a place of honor. Although I know most people want it, a soothing book or music is much more appropriate than a story full of negative emotional charges.

Sleep tight and sweet dreams!

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